Multi Utility Services

Having Someone to manage your gas, water and electricity will significantly reduce the burden, with a complete service from start to end. Our experienced in-house team will give you peace of mind knowing that all your utility infrastructure needs will be met on time and within budget, with bespoke project management and a tailor made solution, designed specifically for you.


At PROCOM, our energy broker services are designed to simplify a market that is complex and challenging. We do this by providing an intelligent 360° approach to energy, ranging from multi discipline energy procurement, energy consultancy, and energy management. Our utility broker services cover business gas, electricity and water.

Procom has help & assisted major businesses across the UK, who have trusted PROCOM to reduce their energy costs and improve their energy efficiency. Our adaptability and expertise provides us the ability to secure the best suited energy contracts and prices for our clients, without the hassle.

At PROCOM, we’re experts at reducing your business energy costs and consumption, that’s why our dedicated energy brokers do all the work, so you don’t have to! Whether you’re a local restaurant or a large manufacturer, we ensure that all your energy procurement and energy management needs are met.